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Edward Fox

Husband - Father - Business Owner - Cricketer - Christian - Speaker - Punny Guy

Born at a very early age, Edward knew early on that when life handed you lemons, you made lemonade....Then you sold it for a profit! (Coming from a very entrepreneurial family, this was a given)


What makes me who I am

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Dedicated to You
Prabhjit, Archi, Jason, Brandon, Ashlyn

Business Owner

Serial Entrepreneur

Cricket Player

The World's
Okay-est Cricketer

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Effective Networking, Why Australians Love America, Business 101, Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

I like bowling,
it’s right up my alley.


DAD, You're Wrong!!!

Son, Jason Fox at 15 years old.

Interested in working with Edward Fox?

7700 Duis Dr Haysville KS 67060


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